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Welcome to 
The Play Lab!

In The Play Lab, we have created a magical and enriching space where play becomes the protagonist in your home or classroom.

It is the solution to a simple, experiential, and straightforward education that you have always desired.

The Play Lab is an oasis of learning!

Here you will find ALL the material you need to make play the protagonist in your home or classroom, and more:

+ 90 activities for children
ages 2 - 8 

Find play based activities , easy to do, easy to set up, and with great educational value. Most importantly, they are based on child development and what is appropriate for their age without forcing processes. Perfect to do at home, equipping caregivers, or enriching your school planning.

Community for parents and for educators

Connect with other parents who have children of the same age and share experiences, tips, and support in a community chat. It also offers you a community for educators, to collaborate with other teachers in the same grade level.

Create this unique tribe you have always desired, with people who share your ideals.

Live sessions
with specialists

Learn from amazing professionals in child development and education, and get real-time answers to your questions. Each month will feature different topics.

This space will be led by Mariana, and you will have her expertise at your fingertips.

Join our community!

We want to offer you a unique experience, filled with resources and opportunities for your children to grow, learn, and have fun.

Choose the option that best suits you:

If you are a teacher, we also have a space for you.

If you are a teacher... Don't miss this video!

In it, I will solve all your problems.

The number of PLAY INFLUENCERS is growing steadily!

All these resources have been studied and tested by me and many parents in my community who validate them.

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This community will be open for subscription for a few days, until Wednesday, August 2nd, at 11:59 pm EST.

After this, we will close the doors.


Mariana Carazo

I am Mariana, an education enthusiast dedicated to creating engaging learning experiences. With over two decades of teaching experience and a strong academic background, my goal is to transform education through the power of play.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and collaborating with parents and educators to promote an innovative, play-based approach to education. I understand that parenthood is a challenge, and I am committed to helping you navigate it and foster practical, real-world best practices.

Join me on this exciting journey, and together we can create a bright and fun-filled educational future.

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